Friday, November 6, 2015

What Do I Need: Dressmaking Equipments (part 2 of 2)
Paper scissors are also needed especially for cutting out patterns and threads.  They should be in the same size as the dressmaker shears. You can just buy the regular scissors.

• Pins and needles – There are mixed packs of needles with different sizes, you would need them specially if you would be putting some hand-made detail on the clothes or if it requires you to hand-sew.  Dressmaker pins are also important to keep the fabric in place before sewing.  Any blunt, rusty or bent needles and pins should be thrown away immediately.  They could cause some damage to the fabric.

• Pencil, rulers and tailor’s chalk – Pencils and rulers are important for making paper patterns.  While the tailor chalk would be helping you to mark the parts of the fabric that needs to be sewn or cut.

• Iron and iron board - These would come handy when you will be displaying items or selling out products.

• Dress form- Some would say this is necessary and some would say that you could start a dressmaking business without one of these. Actually, these could help us make adjustments on clothes and see how it fits.  This would give us a general idea how the clothes we made would look when it is put on.

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