Monday, November 23, 2015

2008 Landscape Architect Summer Internship (part 2 of 2)

2. The work also includes maintaining lawn area in all parks and public places. It also includes mowing, trimming, watering and raking the lawn area. These operations require lawn maintenance equipments like mowers, trimmers and blowers. The internship aims at providing the equipment to maintain beautiful lawn area in all public places.

3. Trimming and pruning decorative shrubs in all parks and public places is another important work of 2008 landscape architect summer internship.

4. The work also includes lawn and shrub maintenance in associated areas.

Many organizations involve in the construction of parks, airports and other public places hire landscape architects in order to add some landscape features like fountains or decorative features in such places. Landscape architect summer internship for the year 2008 provides adequate help to create and design new topography, vegetation and walkways in the public places.

Computer aided design has become most important in landscape architecture. Many landscape architects use video simulation in order to propose their ideas and designs for client’s approval. They also use geographic information system technology, a computer mapping system in preparing designs. Landscape architects can get the knowledge of the above latest techniques in their field and other practical knowledge from landscape architect summer internship for the year 2008.

Some landscape architects specialize in particular area like residential development, historic landscape restoration etc. Summer internship can help them acquire necessary knowledge in their respective fields.

Landscape architects who work for Government agencies like designing government buildings, parks and other public places are required to undergo landscape architect summer internship.

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